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Hello! Thanks for visiting! Please, pledge any amount you can to support me in making my first album!

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NOTE: The end date is not permanent and  I'll continue extending the goal date until I reach my first goal of $5000.

Update October 6, 2015

SOOO It's been awhile, hey?! I haven't stopped working at this! These things take time apparently and there has been plenty to learn on my side of things. My goal was set to have my 3 songs mastered for release by Spring 2014 and what I learned from that we'll just say is that I have a better understanding about character in other people and need to trust my intuition more. I learned I need to be better and pickier at selecting musical partners to work with who are just as serious as I am about completing a collaborative project by set goal. I can be as patient and nice and give someone as many chances to redeem themselves for not fulfilling their word but at the end of the day, it doesn't produce anything... Am I being a hypocrite? We'll see.
We are now in to fall 2015 and I have 4 songs recorded and one just about ready to be officially released. It is called 'Strong Woman". It's one of my best songs I feel I have written yet and if I had not gone through all of what I have gone through in the 2 years waiting for just 3 songs to be finished, I probably would not have written this song. Everything happens for a reason, am I right?
So, everyone of you who have given to my crowdfunding project will have immediate access to download this song as soon as I release it into the world. At this point you can burn it to a CD as many times as you like. Share it to your hearts content if you feel so inclined!Again, I've said it before and I don't think I can stress this enough - THANK YOU so much for your support by showing me the great patience you have with me while I do everything I can to continue to deliver the gifts as promised. I haven't been so great with the communication end of things in keeping you updated with what is going on and starting now you will be hearing from me more.Much love,


Hello, Dear Friends & Family!

Kindly check out the Video Presentation above for some of my musical flashbacks and choose to support me by making a pledge to fund my first album!
Yes!!!  I am going back into the recording studio to record my first 3 original songs, and to demo my entire 1st album which is set to release in Spring 2014. From the time I first began to sing many of you have listened to my music, attended performances and watched me grow in my craft.
Over the last ten years I have independently funded my musical journey to achieve the expertise required, to arrive at this next stage of bringing my gift of song and love of singing to the world. Any financial contribution you are able to make, I greatly appreciate!
The overall goal is $20,000 to produce and launch the album as well as have funds to tour. The Phase 1 goal amount is $5000. $5000 is essential to start the demo and promotion to launch the process of recording the rest of my songs to be on the complete 1st album.
Check out the levels in which you can support and in exchange you'll receive the incentive listed for the level you choose!
I will continue to update you on my progress throughout this creative journey.
Thank you for your time, consideration and the blessings of love you have and continue to give to me!

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With Heartfelt Love, Gratitude, and Blessings of abundance to you!
Natasia Divina